Let us delete our entire accounts profile from this website

It's not right we weren't asked for our consent to put out account data here. Let us remove it and cannot be cached when looked up again. Let us opt out.

  • User_MfjqyL 2023/08/07 17:17

    I got an email asking for my minecon cape after signing up here. I'd appreciate if this was added thanks.

  • User_1uCKUi 2023/09/27 10:40

    Is there a way I can delete my capes off my Minecraft account? Asking because NameMC keeps showing it anyways. Migrator cape got me made fun of.

  • User_A2HXCQ 2024/01/08 21:21

    It says the feature is coming later to this site. Just wait for the owner to add the option to delete capes or account data.

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