How do I remove my api account?

Why are my skins on here? Why is my Java account here? How do i stop theses updates showing my info? I was told by a commissioner of my skins that this website is showing the private skin I made for them. They paid extra to have that skin be not public as a private youtuber skin.

I don't want my stuff or my clients skins/acc info on this website; thank you.

  • User_A2HXCQ 2024/01/08 21:22

    Who ever censored the comments, you can't stop it. It's viewable on archive org.
    Give us the option to remove our data from these sites please.

  • User_zLxOvy 2024/01/09 14:47

    To the person who's likely a mod, don't censor this place. We're pushing back against this abusive websites who are abusing this data or making it available to bad actors. We'll be informing the players affected to come back and discuss as well as repost the links, sources, and evidence here as well as elsewhere. This isn't going away as bad actors have gotten away with this stuff long enough. Mojang has to do something.
    Anyways, new reddit post dropped of another OP experiencing abuse of this information and used for scams in Minecraft:

  • User_6CjUAd 2024/01/10 13:11

    I already reported the privacy concerns to Mojang support as well as a feedback suggestion on captchas for username changes to stop bots. Hopefully this help java player.

  • User_UkXD2f 2024/01/14 11:22

    Unrelated but does anyone have the NAS that was posted in the reddit and here for Mojang's Java Minecraft Account Staging API? I wanted to do some testing and forgot to bookmark it for later reference.
    Still shocked some random had access to that and just dropped it like it was nothing, but given how loosey goosey Mojang is with their internal tools and how much everything of theirs leaks its no shock or surprise as Mojang's very messy with their game and tools.

  • User_uRMBOn 2024/01/28 20:08

    So I just had a talk with a Mojang employee the other day about the problem of cape and username black markets and the Java API being abused as well as name change page snipers, they said they are aware it's still a problem and they do intend on dealing with it more and have some implementations planned to address these problems; they just need time.
    Just know they're on it guys. Keep making noise and complaining and showing evidence of what these black market people are doing. If they email you, keep copies, if they message you, take a picture. If they hack your account, save all logs and messages. Complain on twitter and reddit so they know its still a problem and what to fix.
    So far we've discussed when we talked:
    1. Capes in general being too rare and causing cape envy and hacking/elitism per Marc Watson's words and many rare cape owners being harassed/stalked.
    2. Capes needing to be devalued.
    3. Cape Parity so all Java capes are on Bedrock and Bedrock capes are on Java like the Vanilla and Cherry cape.
    4. Username sniping and abuse of the Java API for bots to take usernames
    5. Potentially adding a captcha(s) to the Java username change to stop bot snipers/scripts/proxies.
    6. Selling capes on the marketplace as user created/generated content like emotes were recently.
    7. More ways to customize elytra besides capes since it only feeds into cape black market demand.
    8. A way to report hacked/stolen accounts in-game via the chat reporting screen as well as sniped username.
    9. Reporting usernames, this means the username is unavailable for everyone afterword's forever, similar to inappropriate usernames but if you're reported for a hacked/stolen account your username is reset and lost forever to prevent impersonation and username sniping/sales and transfers.
    10. New potential cosmetic that adds to your skin like capes which will take the spotlight off them so it isn't a "Special cosmetic" and instead a normal one for everyone which is more inclusive.
    11. Capes being transferred from Minecraft Dungeons if you earned/bought them and given in the main Java/Bedrock game. A nice gift for Dungeons players.
    12. Privacy options to either opt out of the Java API or removal of it entirely from being public. This way it protects us and no one knows who has what cape, username, or skins. It also prevents Java skin creators from having their work stolen/reuploaded to sites and the marketplace without credit/permission.
    13. Give out capes yearly and repeatedly for the holidays (The same ones).
    14. A Default cape for Java (Like the Pancape) that everyone gets upon buying the game.
    With this and all the discussed systems and proposals we talked about, this felt like a failproof and airtight solution to finally kill off any reason to go to these shady black markets for Minecraft capes or usernames which plague us because they stalk us for our capes/usernames. The way Mojang dealt with capes in the past only made them more desirable and worse for us as it made us targets. We need more common capes. Mojang misunderstood supply and demand, if they refuse to give capes or sell them officially, then they'll go to black markets and support shady cybercriminals who hack and stalk people financially and risk their own personal information as well as others. Mojang needs to offer and official and safe channel to get capes so these black market people on OGU and FlipD go out of business since no one wants to buy from them (and their exploits become impossible) like selling capes on the Bedrock marketplace and doing parity to make them on Java too or even add a Java marketplace. The next best thing being a private Java API as it gives too much information on players, enables content theft of skins, and the existance of the Username drop page with times down the the milisecond only helps username snipers and bots which IS against their EULA when I talked to them. I even brought up Ined's tweet saying it was against EULA.
    Anyways. That's all we discussed and feel safe knowing they're working on it, they just need time since they're working on 1.21 and 1.20.5.
    Have a great day!

  • User_xDHLMl 2024/01/28 20:24

    That's great news! Just so you guy's know, because someone or a mod here nuked our last discussion, I archived it all and saved everything and all links and evidence so I'll be reposting it where I can and asking for feedback and experiences with these bad actors so we can prove our point better.
    I'll also be reposting what was deleted here periodically such as the Minecon attendee list being abused to find emails, people pretending to be minecon employees to get emails at Minecon (per Luke and Xinabox's unlisted video), Mojang's NAS being leaked, the Java API being a security risk and privacy concern still despite username history bring removed, cobalt and scrolls cape owners being harassed, realms, translator and mojira mod cape/programs being abused and stalked, amongsts many more examples.
    I'll post where I can and talk to some contacts as well as those with rarer capes for their opinion.
    Cheers, and good luck. Let me know if you have any more developments or any other bad actors contact you guys. I literally got a threatening email from one of the past bad actors who asked me for my cape "He knew what I/we did complaining to Mojang and we're messing with his/OG Com's money" like bro wtf, this isn't some Minecraft Mafia, you're hurting people over capes and usernames sheesh.

  • User_4uaOsn 2024/02/13 12:35

    How do I hide my cape? I just got messaged on Steam about my Minecon cape. Usually its people after my CSGO inventory but now they want my Minecon cape since I used the same username on Steam as my Riot account.

  • User_uPvhbF 2024/02/26 10:24

    Hey so I just got an email as well asking me for a Minecon cape code. I haven't had any because I redeemed mine back in 2013 but people keep bothering me for it. How do I get these messages to stop?

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