Don't make a TikTok account for the TikTok cape. Wait to buy the cape codes on eBay

Just like Minecon cape codes sent in emails, you don't have to make a TikTok. People were buying marketplace items codes on eBay for Character Creator, they'll likely make a ton of TikTok alts and mass sell the TikTok and Twitch capes for profit since they're effectively infinite! Save yourself the headache of making a TikTok account and their annoying Phone Number and Proxy bypass and let the cape scalpers do it and just buy the codes or sell them if you have TikTok alts and burners.

TikTok might get banned in the USA or altogether and that means the cape will skyrocket in value as an investment going forward! Invest in this cape and put as many on your accounts as you can and spread the TikTok and Twitch capes!

  • User_6lgecR 2024/05/12 06:45

    Suprised Mojang hasn't learned their lesson from Minecons all those years ago on Java with email cape codes. You make capes a code, the codes will be resold, just like usernames and capes that can be passed on to another person; simple as. I can already see hundreds of listings on eBay for TikTok and Twitch cape codes since its piss easy to generate new accounts or use already cracked or alt Twitch and TikTok accounts for the purposes of farming these items.
    Seems Mojang just never learns when it comes to accounts, capes, and usernames, but if they wanna bolster the og cape market more, go ahead! I see it as a business opportunity at this point.

  • User_OPpJCD 2024/05/12 06:47

    Do you think Mojang will do a Discord Quest cape or YouTube Livestream cape next? What about a Walmart, Target, or Amazon cape since they just did a promotion with Walmart for a bike character creator cosmetic, they literally require you buy a whole bike.
    I want a Discord cape for my Discord Wumpus skin to match my Nitro!

  • User_p69DgM 2024/05/12 12:28

    I hope they make a Twitter cape next! Twitter broadcasts via communities are a viable way to drop cosmetics and capes! I'd love to have a X Twitter one to go with my TikTok cape once I get that on my alts.

  • User_g8Gt9l 2024/05/13 06:24

    I honestly dont want to make a TikTok since its chinese malware and will get a ban in appstore. No thanks. Just want cape.

  • User_g8Gt9l 2024/05/13 11:40

    For anyone wondering how to get TikTok cape without downloading the app to your phone. You use BlueStacks on Desktop.
    Make a TikTok account, login on BlueStacks, you have to view eligible livestreams on TikTok that have drops enabled, and do the quest popup. Once you complete it, it should give you the code.
    This way you don't give actual personal info and don't get TikTok's data collection and shady Chinese spyware on your PC/Phone and you get the cool TikTok cape!
    Hope that helps you all so you don't actually have to download TikTok, and yes, you HAVE to be on Mobile to see/accept and do quests for drops on Livestreams, it didn't work for livestreams in 2023 for the character creator sets they had on Twitch/TikTok. Idk why they're so insistent you be on a phone.

  • User_H8rqNe 2024/05/14 04:56

    Where do I go on Twitch and TikTok to get the capes? I cant find any livestreams giving the cape of the Minecraft.

  • User_ay1fqw 2024/05/15 06:22

    The capes are out now. You can start to redeem there tomorrow. If you want to profit. Make as many Minecraft, Twitch, and TikTok accounts and INVEST. Sell codes on eBay if you want to for people who cant make TikToks because its banned in their area/region. You could make bank!
    Good luck!

  • User_n6ua0H 2024/05/15 10:34

    Why are people on the Java Edition so obsessed with capes? Are capes only money to you all or do you just like to show off pretending to be better than everyone else?

  • User_ArizbY 2024/05/16 06:28

    Guys, the TikTok and Twitch capes are coming to Java, I REPEAT, they're coming to Java!
    They even said itll be in by July/June!:
    Both the Twitch and TikTok capes are available for Bedrock Edition now, and will be in Java Edition by July 8. Make sure you redeem your codes by the June 30 expiration date!
    BE SURE TO REDEEM THE CAPES before the deadline so you don't miss out and get all 3! Some people are selling codes on eBay if TikTok is unavailable in your region. You can get the Twitch cape now but the TikTok cape is enabled on May 18th.

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