New Cape Alert! TikTok and Twitch Minecraft capes are coming soon

A leaker by the name of ItsMwamOffi on Twitter part of Fanclub has shown 2 capes that are obtained on Twitch and Tiktok:


Are you guys hyped for more capes?

  • User_yLfdwH 2024/05/07 06:18

    So update,
    The same leaker showed that by downgrading your Bedrock version you can see all marketplace cosmetics and capes as owned and the TikTok and Twitch cape are CONFIRMED real and likely be able to be redeemed soon as they're in game now in the files but unobtainable.
    Credit Source:
    Be sure to get your Twitch and TikTok accounts ready to get these capes!

  • User_cO4R5G 2024/05/07 12:00

    So the elytra textures are in the game as well. Its confirmed to be real and added to the main game like you said. Hopefully this means we get more capes too AND the 15th anniversary cape soon.
    Did anyone put this on the wiki yet because its not under leaked capes?

  • User_am9sTw 2024/05/08 02:22

    Guys the TikTok and Twitch capes are real!

  • User_8dpSsO 2024/05/11 19:20

    Ok but how do I get it? Where do I log in or obtain it? Do I watch a stream or Twitch and TikTok?
    Also isnt tiktok getting banned?

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